Services and products

Rent a cottage in Inari Lake and Saariselkä
We are offering cottages of a high standard for smaller or bigger groups.
Extra services are available such as boats, snowmobiles, chefs, quides, airport transports, shopping servises etc.
Spend the night in Northern Light village
Magical over night or two visit in Northern light hut in Ivalo or Saariselkä.
Snowmobile safaris
Guided snowmobile trips e.g Arctic Sea.
Fishing and hiking trips
There is a possibility to do these trips eighter by walking, skiing, by boat, aircraft or snowmobile. Depending on time of the year you come. Trips are based in Vätsari, Kaldoaivi , Muotkatunturi, Inarilake and Saariselkä area.
Trolling in Inarilake
Well equipped boat with a professional skipper will take you to the best places to catch the fish.
Guided willow grouse hunting trips in to the fells with a hunting dogs.
Northern Light trips
Our Northern Light trips are available by aircraft, car or snowmobile.
At least once in your life time you need to experience the amazing light show in the sky of Lapland. You can see the northern lights in our sky around 200 days a year.
Northern lights are there every day of the year but after August the days are getting dark enough to us to see them.
The best time to see the light is from October to April.
Now you can rent a fatbike in Ivalo.
Fatbikes – the most fun way to explore  forests, also guided trips.
Husky safaris
Husky safaris from a one hour forest trips to a 5 day overnight trips.
Horse safaris
Trips with Finnish horses are made according to your riding experience from one night to overnight forest trips.
Ice carting
Now you can do Ice carting in the middle of Ivalo village. (When the river has frozen, from December to end of March).
Ordering events in the local restaurants (big groups as well)
Birthday, wedding, christening, companies meetings etc.
Reindeer meat delivered straight from the producers to the customers door step.
Construction and renovation services
Our carefully selected construction companies are ready for you whatever you invent.
We are available for smaller renovations as well. Just ask!
We deliver firewood to your doorstep inside Inari County.
Employers for different kinds of events
Waiting / catering services
Spring cleanings/ inspections etc. cottages